Top Favorite Large Living Room Rugs

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I finally found my holy grail of rugs!!!

I feel like I've been looking at rugs forever! See I do not want to make a big investment in my rugs since I have a toddler and a puppy so there's no way that it's going to last. not to mention that I am known to spill my coffee from time to time.

So my mission was to find a large rug, that had texture, pattern, but was still neutral. All for less than $500

Guys, GUYS, GUYS!!!! I found a brand that I love, and they are sold on Overstock and RugUSA. Amazing deals great quality. 

I find Overstock and RugUSA overwhelming, if you don't know exactly what to search they have such huge selections how do you find your perfect rug. I was looking through what had to be my 100th website, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling... at this point, I'd give up and then BAM!

There she was. My perfect rug. Once I found the one, overstock suggested tons of other very similar ones. To the point that I then had too many to choose from. 

Drum rolll Please..... ........... .............

Rugs USA

Chembra Block Printed Cotton Flatweave Diamond Rain Rug

Just look at those details! I love the mix of stripes and diamond pattern. The added playfulness with the fringe. I really wanted a rug that would stand on it's own but wouldn't take over the room. This one is perfect since it's modern enough to go with my style but traditional enough to keep me from going over the top. The perfect neutral rug. 

Don't think I'm going to leave you hanging. Here's the round up of all my favorites from my search!


Rugs USA

Bosphorus Banded Bird Eye Diamonds Rug

Coming in a very close second is this beautiful Banded Diamond rug. This one will probably make it into a different room in my house. I think it will look fantastic in our master bedroom. This would have been the perfect choice if we weren't doing a patterned hardwood flooring. I have my heart set on chevron hardwood floors and that would have been too many angles with this rug. She is beautiful, you should totally buy her. 

Rugs USA

Chembra Flatweave Cotton Sparkling Moroccan Tribal Trellis Rug

This rug has a more subtle pattern, I really like how it fades in and out. I'm thinking about this one in my sunroom. Don't be surprised if all of these end up in my house somewhere! Oh this would look great under a kitchen table and has enough patter to hide a spill or two! My favorite or this rug is the bands framing the trellis pattern. It gives it depth. 


Surya Idina

Oh this has Amber Interiors vibes all over it. I'm pretty sure I need someone to pinch me because this is GORGEOUS!!! I didn't actually see this one prior to purchasing mine. That might be a good thing because I definitely like the patterned striped look. I love that it's layers on layers of details without being overwhelming. 

Rugs USA

Chembra Block Printed Cotton Flatweave Trellis Border Rug

This is the most traditional of the group but that is definitely in style now. I love that it's still modern with a super neutral color palette. I think this would work especially well if you needed to balance out a possibly too modern room. It's all about balance. 

Final notes:

Keep in mind, these are all flatweave rugs. That means they are not going to be fluffy and plush. I did grab a rug pad to help with that but these are ornamental rugs that provide a beautiful element to your room. There are tons of moroccan rugs out there if you are looking for that really full and plush feeling underfoot. Still softer than walking on hardwood alone, but I didn't want you to purchase one without knowing the facts.

I'm aware they all look very close to the same. That's because this is my preferred style, I love a detailed neutral rug that adds to a space without detracting from it. These rugs do that perfectly! 


I can't wait to get the hardwood (vinyl) so you can all see this beauty in place. Happy shopping!!!!

amazing round up of perfect living room rugs