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Welcome! This Site is About You Creating a Home You'll Love. I'm Here to Help!

xoxo Jessica

Hi there, I'm Jessica. For YEARS I would pin images, look at blogs and love what everyone else was doing but I would not commit to anything myself. I've abandoned more online shopping carts than I can count. I'll confess something to you....

I felt selfish when it came to decorating my house. 

We did not have a lot of money and I didn't want other people to see me as frivolous with the money we did have. 


Those were all things I projected out onto the world. Not things the world actually felt for me. 

Once I started giving myself permission to make my house a place I loved, it literally made my life better. Coming home to a beautiful house decorated with stuff I loved made even the worst days better. Now I'm not saying go without food to buy a rug. I'm saying that it's ok, better than ok to: 


home decorating ideas

I hear daily that people think they suck at decorating, or they wish they could put this stuff together.

First up, I highly doubt you really suck at decorating, you've probably not had enough time or want to study it and get better.

The best artist, musician composers, interior designers all had to study.

They may have talent but it did not come naturally to them. So if you feel less than adequate at decorating it's not because you have some kind of inability to learn to decorate. You've prioritized other things in your life that you find more of a priority. That's totally cool

This site is broken up in 3 ways.

Each providing a different level of service to you. Design Recipes is where I do the leg work for you, go through them and pick and choose the ones you like. Design School is where I break down the guidelines I follow in my decorating process. You can learn everything I know and apply the same guidelines in your home. The Facebook Group  is where we can all meet up and ask question. Get to know each other and help each other out. It's a community and we are happy to have you. 


Come check out my pre-styled designs. You can pick and choose from them as inspiration or copy them completely to create your dream home. 


Grab a notepad and get ready! This is where I breakdown the basics of design and home styling so you can create your best space possible. 


Do you have design questions? Come join our Facebook Group where you'll find the support of your new best friends. We can't wait to meet you!