Home Design Podcast Episode 3- Q&A and Designing with your Partner

The Gist:

We go over what went well and what totally failed this past week. Moving at -40 is ridiculous and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, toilet breaking is just a sucky way to start your move but on a plus side it turns out you can accurately plan your move and it'll go as well as it can at -40C. 

I'm super excited to announce that starting next week I'll be interviewing other Design Bloggers! EEEeeee!!! As a warm I asked myself my interview questions and I think they'll do a good job to get to know the guest. Let me know if there is any questions you want answered that I'm not asking.


Designing with your partner


  • frustrating
  • feel one sided
  • limiting
  • feel like you can't achieve a coherent look


  • not influenced by trends
  • original
  • keeps us unique

Blog Love

Jenna sue

Jenna Sue's last  home  love it! 

Jenna Sue's last home love it! 

  • fantastic DIY
  • great eye-bathroom
  • lots of projects
  • videos
  • print shop
  • design services

Left and level

Fresh style, just starting out. Someone to watch for