Home Design Podcast Episode 1- California Modern + Home Decor Trends

The Gist

In this episode we Breakdown the style California Modern and figure out what makes it so cool. We talk about what went well this week and what failed miserably. All about trends, what's on its way in, on its way out and what's hot right now. Lastly we chat about a few great blogger breaking down what their sites have to offer. 

Style Breakdown 

California Modern

Ultimate in "cool" style. Has an airy paired down vibe to it. Favourite designer for this style is Amber Interiors

  1. White Walls
  2. Open Back Mid Century Modern Chairs
  3. Neutral Rugs
  4.  Paterned Pillows
  5. Tan Leather Furniture
  6. Natural Wood Coffee Tables
  7. Clean Lines
  8. Simple Silhouette Furnishings
  9. Ceiling Beams
Beautiful living room by  Amber Interiors

Beautiful living room by Amber Interiors

Mid Century Modern Chair

Winning + Fail


Packing for our big move, getting excited! Christmas visitors. Ever since we moved across the country 9years ago it's become a special gift to have a house full of family and, Tucks 2nd birthday. We filled his room with balloons and he absolutely loved it. So much joy comes out of his little body, a lot of anger too but that's for another day. We had his party New Year's Eve and Nema (my mom) bought a bouncy castle for Tuck that literally took up the entire living room. Of course the kids loved it. It was a fantastic week!


$1000 shipping on a chair. I saw a perfect chair on Emily Henderson's insta story. Unfortunately after tracking it down it was going to cost $1000 for shipping alone. Blah oh well

Staying Ahead of the Trend:

Design trends longer shelf life than fashion trends.  Design with what you love and it'll always be on point. 

Out or on the way:

  • mocha wood gives way to natural wood
  • mid grey gives way to light grey and white. Warmer tones
  • painted furniture is going toward natural wood
  • chevron replaced by herringbon

New trends to watch:

Twist on modern

  • California modern
  • Mid century modern
  • modern farmhouse

Bold deep colour. Pantone colour of the year greenery, Benjamin Moore colour of the year: shadow. Last year was Simply white showing you the big change.

In right now!! 

  •  white kitchens
  • shiplap
  • subway tiles
  • antique rugs
  • patterned pillows tribal, African, stripes 
  • light floors


  1. Design for what you like not for what's popular because unless you're a millionaire it's going to be costly to keep up.
  2. Keep your big pieces neutral classics, add trendy eliments with accessories "fast fashion" of the home decor world. 
  3. Ask yourself "is this saturated right now". It's a sign that that style is already on its way out and you may not want to purchase large items for that reason. 
Left is Chevron and the right is Herringbone

Left is Chevron and the right is Herringbone

Blogs I'm loving 

Amber Interiors

  • very distinctive California modern style
  • style is very formulated. 
  • white walls
  • neutral pallete
  • bold pattern on pillows. Strips, antiques. Muted dark colours. Mid century modern chairs. Natural wood. 
  • Light floors.
  • has a store shoppe amber interiors 
  • client reveals
  • Product sources
  • E-design
Amber Interiors  Kitchen 

Amber Interiors Kitchen 

Emily Henderson

  • team of designers
  • design tips
  • just finished renovating a new house
  • California modern but a little less formulated. 
  • e-design-great selection of levels of service
  • great section on website that list all her favourite resources
  • lots of product roundups. Search her name on Pinterest! 
Emily Henderson  Living Room

Emily Henderson Living Room

Rambling renovators 

  • Clean lines
  • Bold pattern and colour
  • All about wallpaper
  • DIY tips and tutorials
  • A love for all things built ins
  • Moving to a new home so a great time to start following. Get to see the whole process start to finish. 
Rambling Renovators Dining Room

Rambling Renovators Dining Room