5 easy ways to get the most out of your kitchen Renovation


When we were designing our kitchen renovation I knew storage was top of the list of requirements. We recently discovered moving into a larger place wasn't in the cards for us (cue recession crying here). So even before we set on the aesthetics I set out to maximize the space we had and cure it of the problems we've been trying to escape.

ONE: Opening the space.

We love open concept living spaces. They feel brighter, friendlier and life seams to flow from one space to the other. We couldn't get rid of the wall all together so we went with a passthrough. I really didn’t want it to look like a typical 1990s passthrough. I wanted it to look intentional and add to the space rather than look like a fix. This brings me to the Transom. Oh I had to really justify this decision to everyone I mentioned it to. Sometimes people just don't see your vision, but I knew that it would elevate the passthrough from an afterthought to an architectural detail.

Lesson : Trust your gut in design decisions. 

 A bonus is being able to keep an eye on my busy toddler he was just starting the walk/climb phase and reality was he was constantly getting himself into trouble (still is). Sometimes a vigilant eye is a necessary measure. 


TWO: Adding Counter Space

We were able to nearly double our counter space by moving the fridge, and countering (is that even a word) through the passthrough with a bar overhang. We also dropped the bar height counter to make the island much more usable. That bar counter collected all kinds of clutter. Double bonus, doing this allowed us to add more cupboards! We made the sections to either side of the stove each 6" wider. This gave us a room to add really cool pullouts. 

Pullouts and drawer organizers are amazing! Even if you aren't doing a complete kitchen reno, they are something you can add that help make the most of your kitchen. I love them so much i'm going to do a complete post just about the ones we chose. 



Choosing the cabinets doors was a no brainer for me. I have wanted white shaker cabinets for the last 7 years. I wanted to make sure the kitchen looked timeless and captivating. I had dreamed of an all white kitchen but when it came to actually planning it for real, it was not going to pack the punch that our space needed. We chose this near black navy colour for the island to really elevate the space. It reminds me of a man’s suite and although i was nervous about the colour i could not be happier with the end results.


 Our counters are quartz. I highly suggest browsing around for good deals. We managed to get ours for more than half of our original 2 quotes. Seems like there is a real markup problem with Quartz these days. As with anything else, youll have to pay more for different details, but since my only requirement was white and simple I had no trouble finding a quarts I loved at a price I could afford.



 Marble backsplashes have always caught my eye, subway tile design is simple but still eye catching. We did the backsplash a few months after finishing the kitchen and i was amazed at the difference it makes. Backsplashes really tie the space together, and the key to choosing the best one is that it compliments the “feel” of the space while bringing together the other elements. See my post here all about how to find your decorating style and the "feel" of your home. 



We installed the floors ourselves 5 years ago, on our honeymoon. Let me tell you, nothing test a new marriage like a multi-month diy renovation. I love DIY projects, but I don’t think I’ll ever travertine tile anything EVER again. The tile breaks very easily during the installation phase making it a newbie tillers worst nightmare.

That being said, I freaking love it. When ever someone new comes over they always comment on the tile. They have a lot of character without overtaking the space.

The best part? They weren’t that expensive. We purchased this tile from Homedepot. Homedepot!

I would definitely suggest this tile to anyone but you may want to pay for the install.

Thank you so much for following along with me. Chat with you soon- Jessica




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