The Cleaning Ninja The Best Book for People Who HATE Cleaning

The Cleaning Ninja Review

I was lucky enough to be sent this book by the author. I want to get that out there, I was in no way obligated to write a review, I want to share my story with you. This is not a sponsored post and does not contain affiliate links.

So I knew the book was coming but I wasn't sure when exactly. To be completely honest, I had kinda forgotten about it. Then I come downstairs one day and the entire main floor is clean. Kevin is actually good at being clean and tidy, but I didn't expect this. Turns out the book came in and it gave him the perfect boost. It gave him the inspiration and tips to clean the house. "THANK YOU CLEANING NINJA!"

His only complaint was that the language was geared toward women, but he said the tips were great. So of course now I needed to read the book. It's based on the principle that you only need 8 minutes to clean. I love that, because with working full-time, having a toddler and running a blog, AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT.

Courtenay hypes you up like a captain on game day. Never in a million years did I think I would be excited about cleaning but by page 12 of this book I had my game face on and was ready for the challenge. It changed the perspective on cleaning so it was fun and easy. Sounds good to me. This book is full of tips that are there to make your life easier. The trick is in their simplicity. On their own they aren't that impactful but they are all so easy that when grouped they make a big difference.

So I'm already loving this book. Then I get to page 46!

Then BAM!

She blows my mind about Laundry! Did you know it doesn't all need to be sorted? You mean I don't need 20 different tiny loads. She freed me from that insanity! I don't want to give the whole book away but one last thing. She has a chapter called the stain trauma centre! I love that. That's exactly what it feels like when your toddler drops something on your new rug.

Definitely recommend this book, ESPECIALLY to people who don't love cleaning. This book was written for me!


I give this the Jessica Devlin seal of approval!

If you give this book as a gift, make sure you point out that you are reducing the amount they are going to clean not asking them to clean more haha.