Honest Review of the Article Nova Sectional

We own the Article Nova Sectional in Bard Grey. 

After seeing two comments saying that they were happy to hear I liked my Article sofa because they were unsure about buying from an online retailer, I decided to write this review. But since i'm not big on writing reviews I thought I'd keep it interesting and have a bit of fun with it.

I hope you laugh along!

I'm not sponsored by Article, although... if you are reading this Article. Feel free to contact me. I love my couch and I'll rep this product all day.


There's something to be said for when you like a product enough that you want to tell everyone how amazing it is. I was super nervous about buying a sofa only seen online but Article has some awesome guarantees so I felt safe trying it out. 


Here's our history of our bad luck with sectionals:

When we moved into our townhouse we bought a brown micro fabric couch from a store I won't name. It was so big we had to get friends to help us get it over the balcony. When we opened the box, which we had not damaged, the couch and the chaise part both had large rips. We had to send them both back and wait for over a month for our new one. We literally sat on the floor.

When they finally arrived there was damage to the legs but at this point, we were just happy to have somewhere to sit. I will say, for all the abuse that couch took it held up pretty well and I'm not going to knock it. Truth was, I chose a couch that was too big for our place and always regretted it.

It was all fat guy in a little coat in our place. 


Then my beautiful Rag Doll cat Nalla started to pee on the couch whenever something upset her.

She's a bit "special", I really should have vetted her breeder more because she definitely had issues that I'm going to go ahead and assume came from breeding.

Back to the couch, we had it steam cleaned more times than I can count but that cat killed that couch and we finally tossed it.

So long as Nalla was living there we weren't getting a new one. Then came the day when a vet tech took pity on us and adopted Nalla.

At this point, we had already thrown out our couch since it was not fixable and we were sitting on the floor again. Luckily Tuck being a toddler was happy on the floor, but Kevin and I were pretty miserable.

We had to buy a couch ASAP!

we looked at tons of stores but Kevin and I couldn't agree on anything. Then one day I showed him Article.com and asked him "is there anything you like on this site." Can you say desperate? 

He found the Nova sectional from Article.

I legit loved this sectional. There was something sexy about it. I had been dreaming of a light or even white couch but the dark gray near black really pulled me in. The legs on the couch are the sexiest part, so simple but bold. 

There was only one problem, it was an online retailer and there was no way to see it in person. I'm going to be completely honest with you and admit I was nervous about that. This post is meant to be fun and light, but all this really happened. Including me freaking out about making a major purchase of my sectional online. Especially since I was so wrong about the first one.

That's the thing though, Article has a money back guarantee and I had heard they were good on their word. So I was actually in a safer position than I had been the first time I bought my couch. I told myself that on repeat all the way until my couch arrived. 

I can't remember how long it took but I do remember it came a few days earlier than it said it would. The couch was perfect, and a year later in a new house, it's still perfect.

Favorite parts of the couch:

The feather pillows. They do get squashed but a few good pats and rotate the pillows and it looks brand freaking new a year later.

The little clip that connects the chaise to the sofa. I mean it's so simple but makes a huge difference. There is something to be said about the awful feeling you get when your sectional starts slowly sliding apart.

The fabric feels thick and expensive. It's almost a weave and has a very subtle sheen to it.

My only dislike, which is more of they need a better description. The couch's undertones are blue. If you read my post about paint colors you'll hear all about how grays become whatever undertone they have and this couch can definitely look very dark gray navy in some lights. Luckily for me I love this color, but I didn't expect it. 

I highly suggest Article, we are very happy a year later with our couch. Definitely recommend to our friends, and will likely buy from there again.

So if there's a sofa you've been eyeing from Article but you are on the fence because you can't see it in person.

Go get it! You won't regret it!