Rejuvenation - The Most Versatile Light

I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for amazing decor items online. it takes time to find that perfect piece and once you do you never want to let it go. I've done it! I found the unicorn of lights. It fits in nearly any room perfectly, somehow it transforms itself to look like it's exactly where it belongs no matter what the setting is.

What is this magical light?


The Conical Drum Pendant by Rejuvenation


I'm not the only one who loves this light. There are tons of designers sharing the love. I've compiled a few of my favorite images to show off this beauty!



When I first saw this photo the light immediately caught my attention. I had never seen a light that wasn't a chandelier that I really loved over a bed. This drum light with its simple lines is the perfect compliment to this sleek suite. Design by Feasby & Bleeks

Source:  Feasby & Bleeks

Dining Room:

Let's take a second to appreciate how it perfectly fits over this round-table? Design by Shera Lynn Studio.

Of course it also fits right in above a rectangular table.


Living Room:

Is it possible to like this light so much that I'm at a loss of which room to put it in? I'm strongly leaning toward in-front of my fireplace!



When I think of pendants I almost always picture kitchen islands. The conical drum pendant does not disappoint. Look how great it fits over different sized islands. 

Source:  Studio McGee

Source: Studio McGee

Source:  Samantha Sacks

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it. There is something special when you find yourself repeatedly pining the same product. Must be meant to be!



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