It's Week 2 of the Calling it Home One Room Challenge. During any renovation, there is going to be a big mess. To get the room to where we it is now, we had to go through a few trial and errors.  If you are lucky enough to hire out all your work, then this part may be shorter for you but for the DIY crowd it can sometimes feel like it's lasting forever. FOREVER! For some real fun check out our Chevron Floor Fail Post... oops

The thing that gets me through this stage is knowing that the awesome room waiting for us on the other side is totally worth it. 

Since I don't have much to report this week because I'm waiting on everything coming in I'll catch  you up on what we did to this room to have a fresh slate. 

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Goodbye Doorway!

One of the only projects we did not taking on ourselves is drywalling in this doorway. From experience "mudding" is something that takes a ton of practice to become good at and when it's bad you can see it a mile a way. We hired our favourite local contractor to do this job for us and I'm happy to report this door is gone.

You may be wondering "Jess, why would you get rid of a door when everyone is going open concept?" The room that it opens to is currently a dining room but will one day be a pantry/mudroom. We will get more out of that room by closing the door plus it won't make sense flow wise once that room is a pantry. 

Goodbye doorway!.jpg


First thing to do is paint the walls. I've chosen Benjamin Moore Simply White. I'm OBSESSED with this color. It's definitely white but it somehow feels richer and not stark at all. It's the perfect match to the black of our window frames which is just Black from Rona in a matte finish. 


Painting such a big space had it's own challenges. For one, the ceilings are crazy high. We are so lucky to have been able to borrow our neighbours scaffold, although I'll admit I was more than a little scared at the very top of it. That scaffold saved the day though, it allowed us to paint all the way to the tippy top of the room in a fast and safe way.

Moving into our new house, we were curious about who our neighbours would be. Turns out they are an amazing adventurous family, so happy to have moved here. (ok, enough gushing over my great neighbourhood)


Paint Sprayers are Life Savers

One thing that definitely made painting this room easier was buying a paint sprayer. I thought that it would be too hard to use but I couldn't have been more wrong. I bought the Wagner Flexio 590 and that thing is a LIFE SAVER. The amount that I hate painting is hard to quantify, but I loved using the sprayer. It was like instant gratification and after two coats it was a perfect finish. 

You can get it at almost any big box building store. We get pretty much everything from Home Depot!

Few points on a paint sprayer:

  1. It takes time to clean it, around 15-20min so you don't want to pull this out for small projects.
  2. I only suggest it for people who have a lot of painting to do
  3. For those of you like me with an entire house to paint I'd put it on the must buy list. 
  4. It's easier than you may think, follow the instructions and you'll do great! 


Thank you for following along with our renovation. Make sure you check out all of the other amazing participants in the Spring One Room Challenge.

See you next week!