ORC Week 3-Large DIY Plexiglass Art

I can't believe it's already the halfway mark for the Spring One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home.

If you missed my last two post, don't worry you can catch up here. Week 1 & Week 2


I'm unbelievably happy with how this DIY Plexiglass ART project turned out. It was simple, easy and has a huge impact on the space. I've never been a big art collector but I knew that with the size of this room I'd definitely want to avoid leaving the walls blank.

This started off as a wild idea but then quickly turned out to be completely possible, and an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a large framed print.


I found this amazing print from Anewall.com. This was actually custom sized and was a great deal. They do really beautiful wallpaper that's bold and fresh. You can actually get this print as full size wallpaper. Neat eh!

Foggy Hills Mural:


How to Make A Large Plexiglass Art Print:

  • Find a print that you love. It all started with the print for me. The largest I could get it was just shy of 5' which dictated the size I needed my plexiglass to be.
  • You will have to order Standoff Hardware. I found mine locally but a quick google search will bring up lots of sources for them. I chose matte black to go with my color scheme. 
DIY Plexiglass Art Standoff Hardware
  • Purchasing your plexiglass. If you print isn't overly large, you'll be able to find plexiglass at your local hardware store. Homedepot and Lowes both carry a few sizes. I had to have mine made at a custom shop. This came with a higher price tag but was worth it in the end. If you go this route, I highly suggest having them drill the holes. 
  • Lay everything out, and decide where your standoff holes will be. I used a piece of paper to help create a guide for the corner and traced the hardware. 
DIY Acrylic Art Print

Trace the standoff on the paper 

DIY Plexiglass Art

Held it up to the light to mark the spot on the back of the paper.

DIY large plexiglass Art

Line up the edge of the paper with under the plexiglass. 

DIY plexiglass art

Mark the middle with a sharpie.

  • Drilling the holes. Since my plexiglass sheets were so large I decided to drill the holes on the floor. I used a scrap piece of MDF to make sure the drill didn't go through. Something I learned while googling Plexiglass is that it's easy to crack while drilling holes. I started with a very small bit and slowly worked my way up in diameter, one at a time. This was a lenghtly process but I tried skipping a size and instantly it started to crack. I suggest Drilling the holes slightly larger than the screw of your Standoff hardware. 
Drilling holes in plexiglass
drilling holes in plexiglass
DIY plexiglass Art
  • Remove the protective film if you haven't already. 

  • Tape down your art print. I carefully centered the print on top of the bottom plexiglass. I then gently lifted up the print and placed double sided tape underneath. 

DIY Plexiglass Art

Centered the print. 

DIY Plexiglass Art

Double sided tape every few inches.

  • Mounting the artwork. We took one of the pieces of plexiglass and put it on the wall where we wanted the final installation to be. We levelled it using a standard level and I marked each hole. We used drywall anchors for more support and we followed the directions for the standoffs. Your standoffs might be slightly different. 

Final thoughts: This was a pretty easy to do project. Did not take long once I sourced all the components and I would definitely do it again. Things to watch out for: cracking your plexiglass and fingerprints on the inside of the frame. This project is definitely a beginer level project! Have at it!!!

I would absolutely love to see your project of this tutorial! Tag me @jessicadevlindesign on instagram!


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See you next week!