3 proven ways How to decorate Your House ideas

I’ve rounded-up my 3 monst popular decorating your house post, for you! Interior decorating using accessories can be a bit overwhelming, but I’ve broken it down step by step over 3 post. You’ll learn how to decorate bookshelves without books, how to decorate a tv wall and how to pick paint colors including, how do you pick a color scheme.



how to style a bookcase

This is one of my absolute favorite post. People struggle with decorating their bookshelves without books. (well I like to put a few on, but you know what I mean.) I step the whole process out, most importantly this post is full of proven tips! Enjoy



how to decorate a tv wall

Decorating a tv wall can be soooo tough. Whether yours is wall-mounted, built-in in a media center I’ve got you covered.


 how to pick paint colors

Picking paint colors is one of the most asked questions I receive. The biggest one being how do you pick a color scheme. I go through the whole process with you, simplifying paint theory and even listing my favorite colors!. 

Did you click through every one? Man that was a lot to learn, am I right? Hope you took a ton of notes and I would love to hear from you! Chat soon,