We did it!

Of course not what we were supposed to do which was to finish our beautiful chevron flooring. That would have been wonderful to report, instead what we accomplished was to rip the entire thing up... Wasting all of that wood, time and money and we are now living on subfloor for the time being.

There is no happy ending for this project. Normally we can squeak by when things get tough but this one really caught us.

Here's you're 



Let's address some questions first:

  1. Is it possible to lay Chevron flooring yourself. Yes, but I want to emphasize the word "lay".  I would order hardwood that was manufactured to be installed in a chevron pattern 
  2. Would I do it again. No
  3. Would I suggest DIYing chevron floor; proceed at your own risk. Haha I'll tell you how we messed it up and hopefully you can avoid our mistakes.

Scope of our D.I.Y Chevron project:

We tried to take regular hardwood boards and cut the into a chevron pattern. Then nail down as per usual.


Why we thought we could do it:

We had payed hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl successfully.


What went wrong:

  • We went with a 40 degree cut and when changing the saw there were slight angle changes. This accumulated into big issues.
  • Tiny problems in the beginning that we thought weren't bad got worse with every row
  • We layed the flooring in rows like typical hardwood. We think going in complete columns would have been better
  • #1 reason is we were not skilled enough for the task. Simple as that. 
diy chevron floor
diy chevron floor
diy chevron floor
diy chevron floor

Things I wish we had known before, and tips for the brave. 

  1. Choose the angle on the saw that has a lock in place. 31.6 (feature on most compound miter saws)
  2. Ever so slightly angle your blade so the bottom of the wood is cut more than the top.
  3. Layed the flooring in columns instead of rows. 

Total wasted cost $900........ 

Costly risk but we love taking on big projects. Ordered the new floor hopefully it will be in soon!!! 

We are trying to pull this room together for the 2017 One Room Challenge. If you haven't heard of it Definitely check it out by clicking on the image below.