How to Decorate a Drool Worthy Console Table

Are you currently thinking “Jess, what’s a freaking console table?” You're pretty sure it’s the cabinet thing in the picture below.

and You’re RIGHT!

If you already knew that, well aren’t you the smart one. I used to call it a credenza… I prefer console now, since people look at me less funny. Do you call this table something different I would love to hear it? Maybe Media Cabinet?

Do you have one that's like mine was and stuff keeps piling up on it? I’m here to help, you're exactly why I started this series. I wanted to make it super easy for you no matter your level of talent with decorating or how busy you are. I want you to be able to come to my site click through the links and your accessories will be at your door within a week! How cool is that?, I love the internet.

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When I start a design I almost always start with an idea or an object and work my way out. In this case I saw this beautiful piece of art from McGee & Co and fell in love. Seriously stunning right?

I styled this recipe Asymmetrically. I love symmetry in design, that's what convinces our brains that something belongs that way and gives us that “this is right, it fits” feeling. 

BUT styling something intentionally asymmetrical is a great way to have something stand out.

When choosing between symmetrical or asymmetrical take a look around your place. Do you have a lot of symmetrical elements? Are all your windows lined up the same? Is your TV centered in the room? Are there two matching bookshelves on either side? Do you have sets of identical chairs?

If your place is already pretty symmetrical then go ahead and give asymmetry a shot! Except if your place is like mine and there is very little symmetrical, how you decorate your home is a perfect way to add symmetry and get that “it fits” feeling.

Want an example of an symmetrically decorated console table? check out last week's post here

Ok onto the design, I kept a very simple palette for this recipe. I want the blue of the art to steal the show and not have any competition.

I followed some of the guidelines I outline in HOW TO DECORATE YOUR BOOKSHELVES to help me with placement. I made sure the outline was in a triangle with the top of the art as the top. I did one grouping of 3 and I made sure I varied my heights in my groupings. If you haven’t read HOW TO DECORATE YOUR BOOKSHELVES give it a shot and drop me a comment letting me know how you like it.

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how to decorate a console table


Kolya Vase

These are some of my favorite vases. They add texture and natural tones to your design. I love the patterns, makes them very interesting to look at.





how to decorate console table

Crate & Barrel

Kiwi Bird

I don’t know if you figured this out yet but I love this little bird. I keep using it in my designs but I can’t help it. It’s the perfect wood tone and has that on trend gold beak. It’s freaking adorable. I use object in my designs to add a bit of interest. I want your eye to catch on that little kiwi bird and make you smile




how to decorate a console table



Crate & Barrel 

Brushed Antique Bronze Frames

Frames frames everywhere. Ok, I’ll admit I’m biased toward these particular frames and keep using them but in different colors. They are so perfect. Very thin frames, nice thick white matte. I should find other ones to show you but for now… please see my favorite frame… again. #sorrynotsorry.



how to decorate a console table




Crate & Barrel 

Shaye Table Lamp

I used this same lamp in my last design and I still love it. It has such a great sheen to it and subtle metallic color. It complements the color of the art and doesn’t try to compete.






how to decorate a console table



McGee & Co

Driven Textile No 1

Well, I don’t feel the need to hype this up. It’s freaking gorgeous. I want it so badly (don’t be surprised if you see it sneak into my home). Somehow this art manages to add detail without being overwhelming, it has color but it’s not over bright. It’s my dream art.






IS THERE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SEE STYLED? Any specific design you want to see, or design style? Are you like I like this but I would like to see one with dark colors or greens? Leave me a comment and let me know! I’m always looking for inspiration for my next design.




how to decorate a drool worthy console table. Media Table,