How to Decorate a Jaw Dropping Console Table

So far I’ve been showing you feminine light design. I wanted to show you that dark and moody can be equally as beautiful. I don’t have any hard fast rules on when to use either. I do have a post all about finding your style and sticking to it which would be an excellent start! I’m channeling my inner drama queen when designing this, but in the best way possible. I wanted the design to be bold and eye catching while still having simple lines and little clutter. The entire console table is a piece of art, with all the accessories included. Yes it’s can be a functional piece adding storage BUT that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. Console tables have the potential to be show stoppers in your space. When down well they draw your eye to them and make the whole space look more put together. I’d ask you to trust me on that one but I’d rather you experienced it yourself. Which brings me to this weeks Accessory Recipe.

console table decorating

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decorating console table



This piece of art is the real show stopper of this design. It adds depth and interest using the deep green of the sea and the sharp contrast of the white boat. Drama doesnt have to be overt, it can be in the feel of the piece. This piece of art makes me feel something when I look at it and that's the truest test.

decorating console table with lamps

Crate & Barrel

Kathryn Lamp

Although I wouldn't call these lamps dramatic. Their simple lines lend a classic touch to this design. Bold images are grounded by elegant sillouettes. These were the perfect choice to add statement lighting without taking away for the art.



Faux Aloe Plant

By now you know my love for greenery in design. I stand by the fact that faux succulants look real and are much easier to take care of. Although I once had a succulant die and it still looked exactly the same. That was pretty awesome!

decorative objects for console table


Geometric Objects

Geometric objects are in the design to add a bit of fun. The bold angles play into the lines of the design and the mix of marble and wood add to the over all theme of contrast.

Crate & Barrel

Marin Natural Console

This is the third time I've used this console table in my designs. I wanted to show how on piece can be styled so many way. I'm a huge fan of this one, it has the perfect mid tone wood and the lines are gorgeous. It's not fussy at all but still manages to bring a big statement.

Which of the 3 console tables is your favorite? I was drooling over the last one but now this Afloat piece has me to loving this one most. Thank goodness designs are not like children because I would be hurting feelings left and right. 

Let me know if there is anything, in particular, you'd like to see styled. I'm always looking for inspiration!