Home Design Podcast Episode 7- Guest Diana from 204 Park


The Gist:

Going over how the podcast format is changing a bit. Less formal or structured approach. I’m benching the Design Style Breakdown segment for now since I’m not sure you are getting enough value out of it. I’m going to focus more on the Interview portion and any tips I have for you in a given week.


Tuck got Hand Foot and Mouth disease last week and I was too tired to post the podcast. I’m really sorry about that. I really should record a few of these so this can’t happen in the future but I haven’t found the time to do that either. Another fail was that it was a long weekend and I assumed that I could paint my fireplace in those 3 days. You know what they say about assume don’t you…ass…u….me. I guess painting with a stir-crazy toddler was a bad idea.


Which brings me to my success this week. Although I found it hard I still managed to clean the fireplace brick with a wire brush and scrub it down with a water vinegar mix. We caulked the cracks with paint grade acrylic caulk and primed it. It's all ready for paint in about 2 weeks time. 

Tips: Choosing a what project to start first

  • What does your budget allow?
  • Does one project have to happen before you can finish another one? an example would be flooring in an open concept space.
  • Do you have a space that's really bugging you?
  • JUST START! start a small project and get the ball rolling. 

Blog love:



Diana was such a joy to interview, she’s hilarious and joyful and the kind of person you can imagine being great friends with. She writes that way on her blog, and it was a privilege to interview her.

She is an interior designer here in Canada and has a different perspective to blogging coming from a professional design background. 

Her tips:

1.     Don’t rush it

2.     Be true to you

3.     If you don’t love it if it doesn’t serve a purpose. Get rid of it.

Diana’s tip for designing a blank room is to start where you are going to spend the most money. Unless you have something that inspires you.

Lastly, she wanted you all to know to stick to your gut. Don’t let other people’s opinions steer your home's style. 

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks episode!

chat next week,