Home Design Podcast Episode 5- Mid Century Modern, Your Style, PMQFORTWO

The Gist:

This week's episode was a lot of fun for me. Breaking down Mid Century Modern was a tough one since I'm just now starting to really research it. I'm drawn to the clean lines and i'm searching for a pair of chairs for my living room. I was super lucky to interview Ariel from PMQFORTWO,com. She's smart and funny and know's her stuff about using colour in a space. 

Win: We chose a room for our first One Room Challenge!!! 

FAIL: Kevin keeps veto'ing all my picks for our living room but we will get there!

Mid century modern:

  • Really simple boxy furniture 
  • Team tones 
  • Streamlined
  • Simple fabrics
  • If you chose pattern go geometric
  • Geometric texture in pottery
  • Chrome or gold, mix and match 





Discovering your style:

The secret to finding your style is trial and error. Drop the guilt of returning things you don't like!

  1. Make Pinterest boards
  2. Look at what's similar in each. Look for common colour threads 
  3. Be ok with things not working out. You may have to return something but that's totally ok.
  4. Put it in your space, try another space 
  5. Give yourself permission to Return it!

Blog love:

This week's featured blog is PMQfortwo. I really enjoyed interviewing Ariel. She's very down to earth and easy to listen to. She blogs about her eclectic home in a Private Married Quarters of the Canadian Armed Forces. love her!

PMQfortwo new office!

PMQfortwo new office!