I'm going to Switch this up a bit right off the hop. Although I titled this post about Decorating Style, what I find works best is figuring out the Feeling you want your home to have. 

Steps for finding the feeling you want for your space. 

  1. Come up with Keywords that describe the feeling of the space.

  2. Find inspiration that matches those keywords on instagram, houzz or my favourite Pinterest.

  3. Find the common elements in your inspiration and add that to your space!

  4. Reference back often.

1. Keywords

When coming up with keywords ask yourself. What feeling do I want to have when I walk through the door. Do I want it to be cozy and welcoming? Do I want it to be crisp and clean? Here are the keywords Kevin and I decided on for how we want our house to feel when we walk in:

  • Welcoming

  • Bright/Airy

  • Polished

  • Cool (which oddly enough seems really uncool to say haha) I feel old….

2. Home Inspiration

Finding spaces that inspire you is so important! Pinterest is an amazing resource for gathering up images on one board. It can be really hard to come up with a completely original look, instead find inspiration from others and then add elements that make it uniquely you.

Here is the inspiration I found for our home:

1) This space looks stylish and put together, but not too prim. I can totally picture myself snuggled up on that couch drinking a coffee as Tucker destroys the room haha.

2) This space is super neutral but manages not to be boring. It has that light airy feeling and feels warm and welcoming. Plus slip covered chairs and a leather couch sound like the perfect combination with a busy toddler. 

Heather Bullard's amazing space. if you haven't checked out her blog you should! Click through on the image.

Heather Bullard's amazing space. if you haven't checked out her blog you should! Click through on the image.

3) I've yet to find a space Studio McGee has designed that I do not love. I could move in tomorrow, if only they'd let me. This space is polished yet welcoming. They have brought in colour but it's not overpowering. I'm a sucker for black frame windows, I am definitely going to try them out in our new house.

Studio McGee!!!! All time favourite designer

Studio McGee!!!! All time favourite designer

4) This space is the epitome of California modern. It feels relaxed and welcoming but still polished and at least in my opinion cool. I love this sooo much! 

amber interiors nailing the california cool every time.

amber interiors nailing the california cool every time.

4. What do they Have in Common:

OK! Now that we've come up with a "feel" board for our home, it's time to look at common threads between our inspirational images. 

Here is what we found from our inspiration images. When doing this step. Ask yourself, is there anything each image has. Is there a specific tone or piece of furniture found in each room? Is the paint color the same, are the accessory similar? What's drawing you toward that specific image. From there you will find your own style. 

  1. White Walls

  2. Open Back Mid Century Modern Chairs Chairs

  3. Neutral Rugs

  4. Paterned Pillows

  5. Tan Leather Furniture

  6. Natural Wood Coffee Tables

  7. Clean Lines

  8. Simple Silhouette Furnishings

  9. Ceiling Beams

4. Refer Back Often:

During the next couple months I'll be picking paint colours, flooring furniture, redoing the kitchen and loads more. I will refer back to my Torrie Feel Board when ever I'm making decisions to help me stay on track. This doesn't mean I can never change my mind, my Feel Board is likely to evolve during the design process. The key is that the space looks cohesive. When you add something to your board ask yourself, is this complimenting this space? 

How do you keep your space on point? Do you have any tips you'd like to share? Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss all the updates that will be coming up soon. I'm also starting a special project that i'm excited to tell you all about right after Christmas. 

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