Is It Crazy To Paint Your Floor White?


A few days ago I discovered Lauren Liess' blog. She painted her floors in her previous house and it was love at first sight. I knew right away i needed it in my space. If the pic below speaks to you like it does to me, you should definitely check out her blog.

Lauren Liess' painted white floor and gorgeous kitchen. 

Lauren Liess' painted white floor and gorgeous kitchen. 

Current Situation

Here's our kitchen, dining room, and family room. I think painting the floor would bring warmth and light into the space at very low cost. 

Counter Point

I was all set and super determined that this was happening UNTIL I told my sister, and she kindly pointed me to this bubble bursting website.

Quick summary of points:

  1. Looks filthy
  2. impossible to keep clean
  3. wears horribly
  4. will look like the dirtiest room in your house (i know this is the same as 1 but it was mentioned a lot.
  5. Bad idea for children and pets..... 

Now what do I do??? I'm still contemplating risking it since I would be replacing them anyway. 

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