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How to Save on kitchen Hardware

Everyone wants a good deal and no one wants to pay more for something they could find cheaper somewhere else. In my search for the perfect kitchen hardware I found these amazing deals. I love Restoration Hardware but their price can sometimes be too over the top for me. I used all of the dupes in my kitchen renovation. Check them out here!

$40 for all you see under Save and a whopping $135 for all you see under splurge. When renovating a kitchen you may be buying 10x this amount of hardware. I know I sure like the sounds of $400 rather than $1350. 

Here are the dupes I found. Right off the bat can you tell what's 3X more expensive? When planning my own kitchen I could not justify the higher expense and I was still very happy with my hardware. 

My personal review of the SAVE hardware:

I tend to lean toward expensive things. I swear if I walked into a room full of pretty things I would somehow find the most expensive one. That being said I went with the SAVE hardware. They have a good weight to them, and they feel expensive. I loved the little details in the pulls. Overall I'm super happy with my decision to go with the cheaper option. 

  1. Martha Stewart Polished Nickel Canopy Cup Pull $4.49 USD / $5.48 CAD
  2. Martha Stewart Alcove Bin Pull $5.49 USD / $6.54 CAD
  3. Martha Stewart Channel Pull $3.97 USD/ $5.31 CAD
  4. Martha Stewart Button Knob $3.47 USD / $4.74 CAD
  5. Martha Stewart Medallion Knob $2.97 USD / $3.90 CAD
  6. Martha Stewart Matchbox Catch $6.97 USD / $8.33 CAD
  7. Atlas Homewares $13.28 USD / $24.91 CAD
  8. Restoration Hardware Duluth Pull $20
  9. Restoration Hardware Gilmore Pull $20
  10. Restoration Hardware Asbury Knob $15 USD
  11. Restoration Hardware Gilmore Knob $15 USD
  12. Restoration Hardware Utility Latches $19 USD
  13. Restoration Hardware Strande Pull $23
  14. Restoration Hardware Lugarno Pull $23



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