3 Keys to the Best Kitchen Design

Aren't white Kitchens are the best? This two toned kitchen gets the best of both worlds. 

Hey there! Are you thinking about doing a kitchen renovation? I've written out what design tips worked best for me. 

When designing our kitchen I wanted it to look intentional, and natural. I didn't want it to look like some designer wannabe (ie me) did it. I believe anyone can learn anything they want to, so I went to Mrs.google and started researching what makes design look cohesive. I pinned hundreds of images, stared hours on the computer and came up with some simple guidelines.

    1.    Symmetry is key

    2.    Hardware placement is as important as the hardware itself

    3.    Pick a colour theme

When we first started talking about moving the fridge and elongating the back wall of the kitchen I was worried about the space not feeling symmetrical and taking on a amateur look. Symmetry helps make it look like everything is where it belongs. 

Knowing that we were forgoing symmetry in the overall layout I counteracted that by adding elements of symmetry and consistency in the design.

Simple white kitchen with identical cabinets  on either side of the range.  

Simple white kitchen with identical cabinets  on either side of the range.  

Looking at our kitchen the range is a natural focal point. Playing off that we wanted the cabinetry on either side to be identical.  Function wise these cabinets are completely different. I really wanted an integrated pot rack but that wouldn't match drawers on the other side. 

Instead of compromising on design we had the cabinetry maker "pin" two drawer fronts together making both sides of the range look identical. I say this like it was easy to figure out. What really happened was I went back to Pinterest searching through hundreds of images to be able to describe exactly what I wanted to the manufacturer.

Kitchen pots and pans organizer. 

Something that always caught my attention was vertical pullouts on either side of the oven. Easy to do and not much added cost. The finished product added another layer of interest by having the horizontal drawers with the vertical pullouts. This gave the space a bit of oomf without breaking the bank. Style is all in the details. 

White Kitchen! White Cabinets,  White Backsplash, White Counter

White Kitchen! White Cabinets,  White Backsplash, White Counter

Hardware and hardware placement plays a big role in the overall look of your design. Good news!  it's also the easiest thing to change if you aren't in love with it or need an update.

We wanted our island to look like a piece of furniture. Choosing a dramatic colour automatically gave it a custom feel but what really polished it off was the hardware. 

We added matchbook pulls to the back side of our island. This is where we store all of our small appliances. These cupboards are only one foot deep but they work perfectly for this application. This is the first thing you see when entering our house, these bad boys create a wow factor I was going for. This is a perfect example of a design element not costing a lot of money but making a huge impact in the overall design feel. 

Dark cabinets, matchbox catch hardware

Dark cabinets, matchbox catch hardware

All the doors in the kitchen have knobs except for the two under the sink. We placed the pulls at the top of the doors going for symmetry. Having all the pulls align across the entire front of the island made a big difference in the space..

We purchased our pulls from Amazon. Fell in love with them after reading the iheartorganization. We chose to use one size of pull throughout the space since consistency was a major theme for us. I provided all the sources for the hardware in this post! I love Amazon! I live 4.5 hours away from the nearest city. Freaking 2 day shipping is a god send.

Cabinet pulls work as jewellery

Cabinet pulls work as jewellery

I love the polished look of the nickle hardware contrasted on the navy island. The nickel ads the perfect amount of sparkle to our white cabinets without crossing into prissy. 

Matchbox catch

Matchbox catch

The knobs and matchbox catches are both Martha Stewart from Homedepot. I love the simplicity of these knobs. I was worried they would look dirty, but that has not been an issue. They are also super easy to clean and shine up but with a toddler ain't nobody got time for that so I'm pretty sure they haven't been properly cleaned in 9 months and still look fantastic. 

Colour theme:

Doesn't take a designer to know that a colour theme helps with a kitchens cohesive look. All the kitchens I was being drawn to had a specific theme.

Some of my favourites were:

White on white on white

Neutral monochromatic

And two toned.

Having the bold island added an extra element of interest to our kitchen, as I said above we did our best to make it look like furniture. 

I still wanted the unified feeling of all white kitchens, and I achieved that by sticking to a white countertop and whiteish backsplash. The backsplash has dark elements that tie the island in with the other cabinetry. 


Now that the kitchen is finished I'm thrilled with how it all came together. All that researched really paid off helping to achieving a polished stylish and yet functional kitchen. What do you think? Did we succeed in getting a professional design diy? 

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